OK, months later, and I am once again trying to revive this blog.  I’m back in Johannesburg, semi-employed and have a home internet connection, so I see no reason why I should not be bombarding you (whoever you are, out there in domain namespace) with witty thoughts, riveting insights and my inner torment.

Semi-employed, actually more like demi-semi-employed. The funding for my lectureship at Rhodes has run out, so I am back here, glad to be living in the same city as Martin, but not gald to not be working. Initially there were plans for me to teach a course at the Wits Journalism School, but their funding also ran out; I was writing for the Mail and Guardian on Technology issues, but they decided to cancel the section (which I was supposed to take over editing). I am currently teaching a few hours a week at Tshwane University of Technology and at Boston Media House.  Freelance teaching is fine, but it doesn’t even begin to pay the bills, especially since you don’t get paid for prep, or marking, or anything else.

The freelance writing is more frustrating, since I have loads of stories, and no-one to tell them to. The problem is that I am a very good journalist, but a really bad salesperson. I hate having to sell myself, or my stories. I am currently sitting on something of a  scoop which I am desperately trying to sell to people and am not getting very far with.

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