Eight: chili plant

Eight: chili plant, originally uploaded by meganknight.

Martin likes to rescue plants. Whenever we buy groceries and they are selling live growing herbs in pots, Martin wants to rescue them. This poor thing was a chili plant in an English supermarket, and you can imagine how that felt. We brought it home several months ago, and it’s now thriving, living on the kitchen windowsill where it gets some sun, at least. It’s produced several new pods in the last little while.

It’s too cold to grow herbs well here – everything seems to die over the winter. We added a shelf to the kitchen window, and now have a little colony of rescued herbs, but aside from this chili plant and a venus fly trap which was being sold as a novelty and is doing surprisingly well, not much else lives for long. Basil, particularly, doesn’t seem to cope at all. Poor things, grown in hothouses and sent to supermarkets to be used, abused and thrown away. It’s no life for a plant, really.

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