Fifteen: Risotto

Fifteen: Risotto, originally uploaded by meganknight.

We cook a fair amount, and I tend to cook on Sundays. Sundays are routinely spent in the kitchen, full-on breakfast, the one day a week I do that, dinner, and often some baking as well.

Today I made coffee cake, and mushroom risotto. We get a weekly delivery of organic veg, and we had mushrooms, so mushroom risotto it was. I’m not that sure about risotto – it’s nice enough, but it doesn’t seem worth all the effort, in the end. This is very dark because the stock was dark, and the mushrooms were brown. It does taste good, though, creamy and VERY mushroomy, thanks to the porcini and the chestnut mushrooms.

The pan it’s cooking in is a new one, another seasonal indulgence, a lovely Le Creuset pan, deep and accomodating. I predict it getting considerable use, especially sice it’s such a pretty colour.

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