Fifty-two: hammock

Fifty-two: hammock, originally uploaded by meganknight.

We are not big on cat toys or furniture, although we love our cats to a point pretty close to delirium. Partly it’s a matter of taste – most cat toys and furniture are ugly, but it also a matter of not really thinking about getting them things. They do have boards to scratch, bought for pennies at the hardware store, and I did make catnip toys once, but Oliver dismembered them rapidly. We’ve tried beds, but none of them worked, except for this one, which Oliver is pretty much always in. The thing about this, is that it’s hanging off the radiator, so it’s nice and warm. He used to sleep on the floor next to the radiator, and that’s why I bought it. He slept under it a few times, until I actually lifted him up and put him in it, and then he was hooked. I like it because it’s in my study, so I have a companion while I’m *ahem* working away.

3 thoughts on “Fifty-two: hammock”

  1. Oliver looks very cosy. The ideal, of course, would be if the radiator is within arm’s reach of your desk, so you could reach out and pet him any time.

    I hear you about the ugliness of cat accessories. I wish the manufacturers didn’t assume they need to be “decorated” with pawprints or cartoon figures of cats or other kitsch. I mean, these items are pretty obviously cat accessories, they don’t need to be emblazoned with cats to make the point. I fear that the manufacturers have the “crazy cat lady” stereotype in mind when they design these things, but honestly, Delores Umbridge is not a good representative for cat loves.

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