Nine: Art Centre

Nine: Art Centre, originally uploaded by meganknight.

Yet another church, this one has been converted into an arts centre for the university. I’ve never actually been inside; the one time the university held an open day in the fine arts department it was in the most non-descript building imaginable.

This was taken this evening: as the term gets under way my concerns that the remainder of this blog will consist of pictures of my office, my house, and pictures taken in the dark of the route between them seem to be well-founded. I took this at the bus stop, waiting for a bus in the rain, hence the distortion on the top right. It didn’t turn out badly, I don’t think – it has a nice ambience. I’m clearly going to have to work to get good and interesting pics when my life really starts to get busy.

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  1. I just completed Project 365 in Flickr — one photo a day, without the commentary — and I had the same issue of limited opportunities to get out of my usual routine to take photos. I did go to a few new places specifically for the project, but I took a lot of photos around the house and in my office building. I learned a few things about taking photos indoors, at least.

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