Ninety-eight: shades

Ninety-eight: shades, originally uploaded by meganknight.

Prescription sunglasses are one of the things I really can’t do without. I hate bright light, and even in England the sun is too much for me. I can’t function very well without glasses of some kind, so prescription sunglasses it is.

These are new, I left my old ones in restaurant in Liverpool a few months back, and couldn’t get them back. They were old, though, and the script gave me a headache, so new ones it is. These are pretty funky – they’re purple on the inside of the frame, and unfortunately, have a bit of bling on the arms, but less than most frames these days. Why does everyone assume that all women want to wear rhinestones on their glasses, anyway?

One thought on “Ninety-eight: shades”

  1. I pay big bucks to get “Transitions” lenses — plastic lenses that turn dark in sunlight. There are disadvantages (it’s difficult to see the camera LCD display when the lenses darken), but very much worth it to have automatic sunglasses.

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