One hundred and six: innards

This is the inside of my main computer, a Sony laptop. It’s never a good thing when you can see the innards of pretty much anything, and that is as true of today as ever.

I caught some kind of blackmailware yesterday, one of those things that make you think you have a virus and then pay them to remove it. I’ve had it before, so this time I leapt into action and removed it, I thought. The problem is, though, that this particular make and model of computer has an overheating problem, and something along the way started to trigger that, so I opened it up to let some of the crap out from the fan and generally let it breathe and cool down.

It’s still not quite right, but it seems to be getting better, I think. Wish me luck – much as I love my netbook I would rather not do all my marking and writing for the next month on this dinky little keyboard and screen.

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