Seventy: Korean

Seventy: Korean, originally uploaded by meganknight.

I eat well when I travel to Guangzhou. The food is cheap, varied and my colleagues there delight in exploring the various options available. Guangzhou is a major international trade city, so the options are considerably more varied than Chinese. In fact, the local food style, Cantonese, is the one I hardly ever eat when I’m there: it tends to the bland and [forgive me] slimy and is heavily reliant on local fish. I’ve seen that river, and what goes on upstream, I’m not eating things that live in it.

This is Korean food, a new restaurant in the city, and it was excellent – spicy and crunchy and tangy, just to my liking. And no, that’s not raw chicken, it’s one of the five or six kinds of cabbage we were served.

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