Sixty-three: the romance of international travel

Dubai Airport is very shiny. Dubai is very shiny, true, but the airport is REALLY shiny. Of course, nothing is naturally shiny, especially not in a desert, so Dubai has to have an army of people employed to keep things shiny. Not people from Dubai, you realise, but people imported into Dubai from places less shiny and clean and glossy. People who aren’t at all shiny themselves, especially not after years of working here. Naturally, being imported, they sometimes need to go home, and like everyone else, they do that via Dubai International Airport, where they annoy the shiny and perfect denizens of the airport by doing things like this. Pretty much everyone who walked past made tutting noises of disgust.

I suppose if Sheikh Mo had his way, he would have a completely different airport for all the migrant workers and slaves, so people wouldn’t be reminded of what this place actually cost in human misery. Of course, Sheikh Mo has other problems these days.

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