Thirty-seven: pearls

Thirty-seven: pearls, originally uploaded by meganknight.

I like necklaces. I don’t think of myself as a particularly typical jewellery-loving girly-girl, but I love necklaces and have a large collection. I have basically three kinds of jewellery: crafty handmade stuff bought from people in markets and such, some of it quite serious and expensive; the odd bit of department-store tat, although I haven’t bought any of that kind of thing since we left Dubai, and a few pieces of old jewellery bought in antique shops and fairs.

That’s where I got these pearls – at an antiques fair in Lytham St Anne’s. They weren’t nearly as expensive as I expected (or as a similar set at a neighbouring stand), and I’m pretty sure they’re genuine (albeit cultivated). What sold me on them was the clasp, whih is lovely, as you can see. I’m sometimes tempted to wear them the wrong way round, with the clasp showing, but haven’t yet.

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