Eighty-eight, originally uploaded by meganknight.

It’s been a while, a busy busy, sick and more busy while. Sorry.

Martin and I really like old bottles and containers. This one, he picked up from a fleamarket vendor in Rosebank and I suspect it still contains what it says on he tin, although we’ve never tested it.

Rosebank used to have a proper flea market, second-hand stuff, homemade cakes, old books, all sorts of enjoyable miscellania. Over the years, however, it has gotten posher and posher, and the last time I was there, last winter, it was all designer honey and artisan bread and handmade jewellery, still lovely in its own way, but not quite the same. Because of this, a kind of alternative flea market sprung up in the neighbourhood, next to Johnnic (now Avusa)’s offices. This is the real deal, second-hand clothing, old kitchen kit, and this old guy with the most interesting collection of stuff, including this, which has now traveled through three countries with us, breaking all sorts of laws along the way, we assume.

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