Eighty-nine: patterns

Eighty-nine: patterns, originally uploaded by meganknight.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by geometric patterns. I drew them constantly when I was a kid, and still doodle them all the time. My notebooks (which are square-ruled), are covered in doodles of geometric patterns.

I am fascinated by quilts and other evidence of patterns, such as this carpet, which lives in the living room. This is just the central motif – the carpet itself is about four times this size.

I also love the tiny amount of sky blue – it just lifts the whole thing up.

3 thoughts on “Eighty-nine: patterns”

  1. There is one little bit of blue on each side, but that’s it. It’s not fully spread out now – there’s too much furniture in the way, so I can’t really photograph the whole thing, unfortunately.

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