Forty-four: Gargoyle

Forty-four: Gargoyle, originally uploaded by meganknight.

It’s Valentine’s day, and what I am photographing? Gargoyles. Oh well.

It’s not a great pic – the light was wrong, and I initially planned to try again on my way home with the light facing them, but then it was well past six by the time I left, and well, you know.

This gargoyle is on yet another church on my walk to work. I’m pretty sure it used to be Catholic – it’s got a big square steeple with a cross (and a gargoyle) on each corner, and then a celtic cross above that. It’s a very impressive building. Nowadays, though, it also has neon signage that says Emmanuel, and a neon cross on top the whole thing. It’s not a great fit, aesthetically, but at least it hasn’t gone the way of so many other churches in Preston.

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