Forty-three: Grin

Forty-three: Grin, originally uploaded by meganknight.

This is a conch shell, and I have no idea where I got it from. It’s more than a conch, actually, it’s my darning shell, and I use it frequently. In fact, I darned socks this weekend.

The shell looks just like the one my mother had, but I know this isn’t my mother’s shell, unfortunately. I know I bought it, and I seem to recall Martin was with me at the time, but that’s all I know.

I’m amazed to learn that darning is a rare skill these days. I mend things quite often, so does Martin (different things – toasters vs holey jumpers), it just seems normal to me. I think it’s rather sad that people don’t know how to darn, and people don’t have these lovely shells to help them do so.

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