Four: Caroline

Caroline, originally uploaded by meganknight.

This is my colleague Caroline. She suggested I photograph her, and since the light in her office was so interesting (she hates the overhead flourescents and uses a desk lamp, by late in the day, the office is dark and the side light is wonderfully warm and glowing), I thought it would make a great picture. I took this picture without flash, by mistake, but looking at the other picture, I much prefer this one: both Caroline’s expression and the light on her face with the rest of the office in darkness, so I’m uploading this, shakes and all.

Her desk and office is pretty typical of academics – binders and files and books and stationery – although the foreground is actually another colleague’s desk. I spend a lot of time in Caroline’s office: she has a nice bum-warming heater in there, and she and George are great company and conversation, although I suspect we would all get more work done if I didn’t.

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