Three: Church

Church, originally uploaded by meganknight.

I really need a ladder to take this picture properly. This is on my walk to work, and I have been watching this church decay and fall apart for more than two years now.

England has too many churches, unfortunately. It has only a tiny regular church-going population (6% at the last census), but has all the churches of a devout and observant community. Some are listed buildings, and cost a fortune in upkeep, constantly raising funds and worrying about how to pay for repairs, some are not, and are taken over by nightclubs, universities, mosques and other community groups. Some, like this unfortunate building, just get left to rot. It’s not in the best neighbourhood, and clearly the local population are not keen churchgoers (there are plenty of pubs around, though). It’s all boarded up and fenced in, and there is a sign advertising a storage facility, but I don’t know whether that’s opportune advertising or serious plans. In the meantime, more and more sky shows through the roof.

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