Ninety-six: Roman

Ninety-six: Roman, originally uploaded by meganknight.

This is a sculpture of some Roman emperor on the rebuilt walls of the old baths in Bath. It was sculpted by an Englishman in the late nineteenth century, almost certainly using a local model, because that is an English profile if ever I saw one.

2 thoughts on “Ninety-six: Roman”

  1. Years ago I visited Bath with my then-husband, who bemused the other tourists by translating the Latin inscriptions on display (he had an MA in Latin). I need to go back some day and see more of the city. We were on a bus tour, which only went to the baths and the Abbey.

  2. We weren’t massively impressed. It’s very pretty, but it’s all the same age, so not as interesting as York, for example, which feels much more organic and living than Bath does.

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