Twenty-five: shooting star

Twenty-five: shooting star, originally uploaded by meganknight.

We get a lot of jet trails here, I’m not sure why. They show up during crisp clear winter days, especially.

This was early this morning: I went out while the kettle was boiling, and there was a plump little magpie sitting in the tree. By the time I went upstairs and fetched my camera, he had flown away, but the jet trail had showed up, so I took that instead. A woman leaving the house two doors down glared at me as I went back inside with my camera, mistrusting my motives.

One thought on “Twenty-five: shooting star”

  1. Some people get very weird about somebody taking photos anywhere near their home. One woman challenged me because it took a photo of the rock border around a tree near the curb in front of her house. Another demanded to know if I was taking a photo of her house. The latter was so hostile I wish I’d thought to say, “No, of course not. Your house is too boring to be worth photographing.”

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