Twenty-four: shawl

Twenty-three: shawl, originally uploaded by meganknight.

I have a large collection of shawls, throws, wraps and scarves, acquired all over the world. They’re my last concession to my hippy lefty roots: I dress pretty boringly otherwise, so I the wraps are sometimes the only colour on display.

This shawl is probably the largest I own, it’s almost too large to be useful. I bought it in Guangzhou, and it wasn’t cheap. I was recently cornered by someone at a conference who insisted it was made in Pakistan, that she imported shawls from Pakistan and she knew it was Pakistani. She was deeply offended that I had bought it in China, and I felt bad for having done so, but there was little I could do about it.

One thought on “Twenty-four: shawl”

  1. That’s a beautiful shawl. I like the perspective of the photo, more imaginative than aiming the camera directly at the fabric.

    You shouldn’t feel bad for buying the shawl in China, even if it was made in Pakistan. You were in China, not Pakistan, after all.

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