Twenty-three: oh my darling

Twenty-three: oh my darling
Twenty-three: oh my darling, originally uploaded by meganknight.
According to the box they came in, these are clementines, hence the title. I don’t know, where I grew up anything that’s orange-coloured, but smaller and easier to peel than an orange is a naartjie. Apparently that word comes from the Tamil nartei and refers to a mandarin, satsuma or a tangerine. As far as I’m concerned, a satsuma is a plum, and well, what exactly IS the difference between a mandarin, a clementine and a tangerine except branding? As far as I’m concerned, they’re all naartjies.
I have no idea where we got the bowl, probably an antique shop in Johannesburg. It lives on Martin’s dresser and contains random objects, as receptacles on dresses often do. Recently, Martin put a lemon and a lime in it to remind him to do something (because it’s unusual for the bowl to contain anything edible, much less brightly-coloured). They’ve been consumed since then, so the naartjies it is.

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